Ebac CD35


EBAC CD35 - Light Commercial Dehumidifier
Nominal effective volume 85m3.
Max Extraction 10.2 Lts Per Day
@ 30 deg C & 80% rH 

Mildew and mould can have disastrous consequences on the fabric of properties and their contents and can also cause serious health problems. The light but compact Ebac CD35 commercial dehumidifiers are the answer, costing no more to run than a TV set and requiring no installation. The Ebac CD35 will operate quietly and efficiently until the automatic cut off occurs when when the integral water container needs emptying. A gravity drain hose can also be fitted where a more permanent drain is required. The CD35P is also available in a pumped version with a 4.3m head for more permanent installations or where frequent emptying of the integral container is an issue. A 7.8m drain hose is included with the pumped version.

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Ebac CD30 Dehumidifier


EBAC CD30/CD30E - Light Commercial Dehumidifiers
Nominal effective volume 85m3
Max Extraction 10.2 Lts Per Day @ 30 deg C & 80% rH 

Expensive cars, tools, machinery or small storage areas can all fall foul to high effects of humidity. Using Ebac CD30 commercial dehumidifiers are the reliable answer to a real market need. In a robust zinc coated steel shell the Ebac CD30 is fitted with a variable humidistat to give the preferred level of dryness whilst minimising running costs. The CD30E has the same features as the CD30 but is fitted with low temp protection, hour meter, volt free alarm humidistat contacts and wall brackets.

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Ebac K100P Dehumidifier


EBAC K100P- Industrial Dehumidifier
Nominal effective volume 300m3

For use in commercial areas and large buildings the K100P is the ideal unit to control humidity and maintain desired conditions in your premises. With the capacity to extract up to 36 litres of moisture in 24 hours (at 27 deg C & 60% RH) combined with a variable humidistat control the K100P will maintain conditions without the worry of excessive energy costs or over drying. 

Ebac CD100E Dehumidifier


EBAC CD100 - Industrial Dehumidifiers
Nominal effective volume 300m3.
Max Extraction 30 Lts Per Day
@ 30 deg C & 80% rH 

Enormous costs are incurred every year through damage to inventory and through inflated building maintenance costs as a result of dampness. By installing the CD100e. Controlled humidity conditions can be maintained to give protection in larger commercial areas and buildings.

For operation in low temperature conditions, fitted with alarm humidistat, hour meter and full installation kit including wall brackets.

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Ebac CD425 Dehumidifier


EBAC CD100 - Industrial Dehumidifiers
Nominal effective volume 1350m3
Max Extraction 150 Lts Per Day
@ 30 deg C & 80% rH 

The largest of the CD range of Ebac industrial dehumidifiers is the Ebac CD425 dehumidifier which will operate in a broad range of temperatures and is designed to fulfil the needs of commerce and industry for effective environmental control. Without any fears of over-drying or unnecessary energy costs it is the total solution for condensation and corrosion.

3 Phase 415V 50Hz Supply, (3 Phase 220V 60Hz Also Available)


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